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The New Kemet Harambe Chapter of Blacks In Government® sponsors an annual Patricia Loyd Handy Scholarship Essay Competition. These competitions are open to Chicago metropolitan area high school graduating seniors and college undergraduate students, as an opportunity to compete for a $500.00 scholarship.

Participants who meet the eligibility requirements need to submit all required documents in the application packet, which includes a completed application, a current official school transcript, a clear photocopy of a valid school ID, a letter of recommendation from a school official, and to prepare a 500-word-essay (not to exceed 2 pages) on the below topic.  Documents that are not included will not be considered.


You have been selected to serve on a White House student task force to discuss possible solutions or changes regarding social justice, health, economy, immigration, technology or environmental issues that are currently happening in the United States.  What will you prioritize as the most important concern or challenge as a citizen of our country, and how will you accomplish this?

The completed application packet and required documents must be submitted by close of business on Friday, November 25, 2022.

2022 Patricia Loyd Handy Scholarship Application

2022 Scholarship Winners (Announced in December)


Oratorical Competition


The New Kemet Harambe hosts an annual Oratorical Competition for youth in the 9th -12th grade. The National Blacks In Government organization identifies a different topic each year. The New Kemet Harambe Chapter’s competition is open to youth registered in any Chicagoland public school. The Chapter’s competition is typically held in March or April. The winner of the chapter competition goes on to compete at the regional level with the chance to compete at the National level. Cash prizes are awarded. For more information, please contact


There is no current information available about when this competition will next be held. Information is forthcoming.


Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Student Competition (STEM-SC)


The Blacks In Government Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics-Student Competition (STEM-SC) was formerly the Information Superhighway Student Competition (ISSC). The ISSC competition was expanded to promote science, engineering, and technology (STEM) capabilities at the local and national level. For the youth, the STEM-SC will also serve to advance their social and economic wellbeing in the United States and internationally. The competition project will give students a quality learning experience and challenge them to develop important STEM competencies. No prior experience is necessary to participate in the competition. Students must work with a subject matter expert (SME) as a mentor.

There is no current information available about when this competition will next be held. Information is forthcoming.